An argument to vote for Clinton. I don’t care who ppl vote for and I don’t know myself but I gave this anyway.

She has no real platform of her own. Rather she is flexible to the will of the people. Anybody could replace her and you could expect similar results.

She is a true secular politician which is what the founding fathers set out for in the Constitution. The work of government is the work of government not to be interfered by personal opinion.

Therefore, as a flexible tool of the people and the government she works for and all the systems within, if you like *any* of what is currently offered by the powers-that-be, you would be wise to vote for her.

There. I have given a solid argument. I’m not telling you who to vote for because i don’t really care. But you wanted an argument, so I came up with one.


I’m also an independent voter – and I’ve crossed party lines many times. On those political tests, I usually show up as “Green Party” but I also know that much of it is impractical.

Also, I think some of the things the republicans traditionally stand for _are_ good ideas. Same with democrats. So it all depends.


Remember: ‘will of the people” is political codeword for “whatever other politicians say” because in theory, the representatives REPRESENT the ‘will of the people’.

Of course we know that’s not the case.



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