America needs a break from 2015-2020. It’s been a long five years. A four year rest will be nice. You can have Trump back in 2024 if you want.

America needs a break from 2015-2020.
It’s been a long five years.
A four year rest will be nice.

You can have Trump back in 2024 if you want.

Dude, we were fucked since Nixon and I was a baby then – and that was a symptom of a deeper problem that went back to what caused the stock market crash in the early 1930s.

We’re living a fantasy.

It wouldn’t matter if it was Trump or a wet fart in the Oval Office. Whatever occupies it is being utilized by the Newt Gingrich right that has been clamoring for this moment for at least 25 years.

They were kept in check for a good reason. We are witnessing the results. and it’s not good. That is what we need a break from.


America shouldn’t exist. I can go there. I’m that far left.

But since it’s here in my lifetime, I want another forgettable President for a few years. Camera Hog is annoying.

I made a decent killing in the stock market playing Contrarian in 1999-2002 as the dot-com crash happened and the shitty solution by Alan Greenspan happened. I knew the result that was going to happen – just a matter of when.

I made money off it it, got a mortgage for the last 17 years in Florida and a modest business.

Real estate crash was going to happen and the solution Obama picked was also temporary.

The correct solution was (AND IS) George Soros’ solution. But the oligarches will never go for it, whatever their political stripe.



There’s basically two investing styles: Soros or Buffet. Most people pick an mix of both. Soros dominates most current thinking, whether they know it or not, but Soros’ way has deeper levels.Buffet is “buy and hold”, long term, strong fundamentals.
Soros is opposite of that, very agile. Most investors are a hybrid of the two.

Soros’ solution for Obama was basically this:
Lower all the real estate values in the simultaneously while putting a temporary hold on buying and selling real estate.

If I remember right, the hold would be something like 9 months, which is the standard lag between the markets and real estate.

In that time, people will be able to catch on their bills without worry of foreclosure and eviction and everybody will still get paid. As it’s proportional, it affects all equally.

The only ones that will be lose will be the real estate holders at the very very top, who won’t feel the difference because their wealth is so great, it won’t touch any actual holdings.

Some of the memes about this get a little weird. “We shouldn’t worry about [x], because what about the children?”

and 2ndA is getting on board too. Not sure what this obsession with girls is. There’s police, programs that handle sex trafficking, and Amber alert and stuff. And where were all these memes a month ago?

Why suddenly now? Distraction.


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