ambiguity of numbers, precision, engineering, overly reliant upon “certainty”

Indeed. I love the ambiguity of numbers. Precision depends on human needs. When human needs grow, the precision grows and yet the goal seems to move further away.

I don’t mind attempts at precision in engineering because we like to build things for our use. We know how manipulate things like electrons and such rather grossly but effectively more or less, hence this lovely technological world that I’m glad to live in.

I love the patterns of nature; our visual system seems to be designed to outline objects in one area, giving us perspective and knowing where one thing seems to stop and another thing begins… and another system that seems to fill in the colors and textures and such.

But humans tend to be arrogant. We know a little something and think we know a lot more than we do. Excessive certainty can lead to so many troubles. It helps when applied properly but a heuristic (rule of thumb) becomes a stereotype (the nearly religious fascination with Occam’s Razor among some people who claim to be anti-religious is maddening to me) – and when its applied to people… you end up with situations involving racial profiling and such… and lots of messes too numerous to count.

Recognizing the ongoing fuzziness of the lines, depending on their veracity only as much as is necessary and not a drop more, would seem to be at least part of an answer I think. I dunno.

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