*Amazing Rescue in Collier

*Amazing Rescue in Collier County, Florida of man with #downsyndrome – Inspirational!*

Just wait until you see the rescuers appear! Worth it! This man had been waiting for DAYS for that moment here in Florida’s Last Paradise.

Technology, Teamwork and care for strangers in action.

Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis and the Collier County Florida Sheriff’s Department.

Real Life isn’t set to epic music but perhaps it should be.

From Naples Daily News, July 19, 2014:

Collier County sheriff#s deputies continue searching Saturday for a 47-year-old man with Down syndrome who disappeared from his Golden Gate Estates home on Friday.

Paul Charles Gunther was reported missing by his caretaker around 3 p.m. on Friday from his home in the 2600 block of Desoto Boulevard South.

Friday night, detectives were on-scene searching the area with bloodhounds, on horseback, in helicopters and riding all terrain vehicles….

Full story at: http://www.naplesnews.com/news/local-news/man-with-down-syndrome-missing-in-estates_92816389

The hardest to reach places in Florida’s Last Paradise have been conquered through teamwork, technology and caring for your fellow man.

Me? Kenneth Udut? I just noticed the timing of the rescue seemed almost the same as this song by Vangelis which was used for the famous Rescue of Horses video. The fact that its title is Conquest of Paradise and Collier County Florida is called Florida’s Last Paradise and no amount of Paradise can get the way of rescuing the lost… just adds to the synchronicity. (I only had to cut 18 seconds of footage to match up the song with the moment of rescue, its timing was just that perfect.

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@110184060509594911392 This is for you guys. You conquered paradise to save a man.

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