“Always with Ken, he’s has the most reasonable, non-partisan standpoint”

“Always with Ken, he’s has the most reasonable, non-partisan standpoint
Everyone else seems to be pushing an agenda



Thank you Luke! I try. I could be wrong here too, which is why I bring my opinions up in public forums : for the feedback. The feedback you just gave is rare and specific so I’m saving this. Thanks :) [and I know it’s you who said it; I just believe in taking people’s names off ’cause who knows where information can end up once saved :P ]


“Again, my reasons for why you should be a journalist are justified.”

I come here to laugh at zealots, but you always fail to appease me

Journalists? I always think of them as agenda pushing, hyperbole laden, thinly masked advertising for somebody or something.

I mean sometimes there’s a good one out there but as a whole, can’t stand most of them.


I’m too boring to be a journalist but not boring enough to be an elementary school history textbook writer. No idea what’s inbetween them. Still though, interesting thought. Never considered journalism. Maybe I should. Dang it, making me think of doing stuff I never thought of before. Jeez.




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