Always take a moment to sto

Always take a moment to stop and appreciate. I had over 200+ birthday wishes, between here and elsewhere. Each of you took enough time out of your day to click, push your fingers to your keyboards, hitting at least 15 keys (some less, like HpyBdy, and some more). And another click.

This all took time and thought.

Not one of you *had* to. But you *chose* to.

In the darkest moments, when you are feeling completely alone, think of the people who have taken the time and *chose* to do or say something for YOU. I <3 you all from the bottom of my heart, because you didn't do this because you were forced to - you didn't do this to get something in return. You did it willingly, consciously and for free. Physical objects (the computer keys, the mouse or finger tips on a screen) moved on different keyboards all throughout the world to wish me a Happy Birthday. Call me crazy but I take nothing for granted - I am amazed at this. Thank you.

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