always kinda liked the forms of anarchism which included some cooperation [anarcho communism/collectivism/syndicalism] and generally leaning towards communism as a whole.

But just at a glance (having taken a bunch of these kinds of things), it’s definitely in the range-of my kinds of politics.
I’ve always ‘kinda’ liked Green things except they were too much one way, always kinda liked the forms of anarchism which included some cooperation [anarcho communism/collectivism/syndicalism] and generally leaning towards communism as a whole.

So I know it’s in the right ballpark. Still havent’ found ‘the political philosophy’ for me yet though.


Hm. That would explain why he grates a bit against me: I’m further to the left so from my perspective he *appears* more to the right, yet he’s familiar enough to _almost_ be acceptable to me but ‘not quite’.

This might be why I don’t love or hate him. To me, he’s in that “uncanny valley” : creepily like me in a lot of ways and yet different enough to seem a little odd.


the few videos I’ve seen and his topics _seem_ to be almost like apologetics for the right : not _adopting_ the stances of the right per se, but making them somewhat acceptable to left-learning ears.


I’d watch him but from my perspective, he’s “right light”. It’s not that I’d be feeding my brain garbage, like Alex Jones but it’d be feeding my brain what I’d consider a little poison a bit at a time until I get comfortable with it.

I don’t want to normalize Trump or the right nor do I see an oppressive force from SJWs. I *do* see oppressive forces from actual holders of power (or future holders of power) so they generate my more immediate concern.

Bridge building is fine but I have to do so from where I stand. He’s too close to the center for me and some things are normal on the right that I don’t find acceptable.


I don’t hate him though, that’s the thing. It’s just creepy to me because I *want* to agree with him but I can’t.

I’ve talked with lots of people from the right over the years, from the center right all the way over to the far right.

*If* I was starting to agree with the people on the right, I’d look for someone just like him. He’d be a perfect blend of making unpalatable ideas more palatable.

But I don’t.


I don’t know who Arthur Chu is. I don’t hate the right wing either. The right have some good ideas. Privitization of certain things is excellent. I’m not anti-capitalism either.

But I have a stance that’s strong on human rights and free association, a generally humanist viewpoint.


Two, plus I looked at the topics of his videos and gathered a few opinions, pro and con, about him online after a long debate with a friend who enjoys his videos.


Radicalism is a necessary element in every society. A big mush in the middle gives you the chain of Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama (and I suspect Trump will be there too, with a corporate flavor).


I’ve worked in big corps (a Big Pharma) for a few years. He’s got the typical “middle manager” style about him. [of course, the ‘middle manager’ style comes from the 80s corporate manager style. They’re annoying to deal with.


[oh I was referring to Trump when I said middle manager style – sorry – I wasn’t referring to Sarkon :P


He strikes me as someone who is fundamentally a liberal but has friends on the right that he *really* wants to join in but can’t, because he’s liberal at heart.

So, he does the next best thing.


they swap left and liberal all of the time. I picked up their habit.


What’s his main focus Carter? [anti-SJW? anti-women? anti-immigration? love of daddy-authoritarian? looking forward to racewar?]


[I was curious about your friend that you can’t talk to anymore. The alt right is a fascinating mix of ideologies – some of which wouldn’t normally fit together but seem to have found their balance a couple of years ago]


The biggest benefit of the affordable care act was the pre-existing conditions. That’s really the ONLY good thing I can see about it. Prior to that, you had to be careful what you told the doctor, depending on what insurance you were on.

Once you have a condition, it becomes “pre-existing” to the next insurance company.

That means you get help one year and the next, you can’t find ANYBODY to cover you anymore.


The republicans sabotaged Obamacare and turned it into the Affordable Care Act.

They were clever bastards. They did the damage but managed to throw the blame on him.

Now, in the lame-duck period, they’re scrambling. Let’s see what they come up with.


I’m not anti-SJW though. They have a right to champion their group, much like a union of workers has a right to complain to the boss about unfair working conditions


They’re a bunch of pricks and I don’t want them in power. But like black lives matter, they have a right to protest and I have a right to try to get them to be less like assholes when they do it.



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