ALWAYS get a second opinion before surgery; you might not need it.

Ah the sketch. No no you don’t want the sketch. I didn’t even get to keep it!

I saw an *old fashioned* retinologist; old fashioned in that it was really low tech. I was born premie, and had read about potential retinal detachment problems, so I decided to get it checked out.

A hefty Russian nurse held my head in place, because I kept pushing back, as the bright light was going into my eye for what seemed to be FOREVER. She was FIRM too.

Anyway, the doctor sketched what he saw on an copied line drawing of the inside of the eye.

Then he interpreted his art for me. Scared me with his interpretation. I don’t remember what it was – it was a long time ago for me.

So, I wanted a second opinion. I wasn’t going to accept just one guy’s opinion, even if it’s his profession. In fact, ESPECIALLY if it’s to encourage questionable surgery with questionable results (55% chances of success? and various chances of degrees of FAILURE? In my one good eye? No no no no no)

Anyway, I was willing to go for it ONLY IF a second doctor concurred.

Thankfully, the LIONS CLUB – who specializes in cases of people without much money; and I didn’t have much money – was willing to pay for my second opinion and they handled everything invisibly.

I went to another retinologist. I gave my concerns about the first doctors opinion. He studied thoroughly, although he was a bit more modernized with his equipment.

His result?

I may get retinal detachment but it’s likely to take place at a point where it no longer matters because I’ll be dead by then.

I liked that guy

So, I didn’t get surgery.

I got it checked up a few years ago again, and it appears the second doctor was more correct (so far) and it appears to be fine.

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