always check who is publishing something.


  • Kenneth Udut…/archive-international… It’s actually a journal that seems interesting.

    Archives | Journal of Emergency Mental Health | OMICS Group
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  • Kenneth Udut
  • Kenneth Udut The editorial board is a fascinating mixture of psychiatry and psychology too; many times they don’t show up together, as they have a lot of internal fighting back and forth. [talk therapy vs drug therapy] It’s also worldwide – I don’t think they’ve missed a single major country representation here. Impressive stuff.…/editorialboard…

    Editorial Board | Emergency Mental Health Journal | OMICS Group
    Editorial Board of Emergency Mental Health Journal with H-index: 22 consists of international luminaries related to psychiatry, mental health, neurology research
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  • Kenneth Udut


Kenneth Udut Oh crud.
Doesn’t take away from the validity of the article above… but…

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