although we’ve made tremendous strides forwards, some things went missing along the way.

I just copy/paste important stuff BEFORE I send it out. My whole is basically that at this point.

Thing is, shouldn’t be necessary. I have workarounds: At one point, long ago, I had a dot-matrix printer set up to record what I type on hard-copy. Still have ‘em. Very noisy operation but I liked the auditory feedback.

although we’ve made tremendous strides forwards, some things went missing along the way.

All it would require, to me, would be for computers to be proper state systems.

In this state, I just typed an a.
Then in the next state I typed a .


Infinite rewind. Some systems implement it. Google docs, which I don’t use ’cause I don’t word-process in particular much – has a fantastically complicated system behind each letter being typed that ensures you don’t lose a thing.

I once saw a chart on how they do it and a long explanation. Absolutely brilliant. But rare in software design.

Of course it’s not NECESSARY – we can just deal with the losses when they come as we have been.

But I see today’s computers as VERY primitive compared to what they ought to be and likely will be in the future, as our world’s growing dependence upon it get deeper and deeper into our needs.


Indeed, *I* could, but I don’t care so much about me per se in this regard but rather I think of frustrated people who _don’t_ have backup strategies in place or even if they do… a momentary lapse and a lot of work can just disappear into nothing.

Scratch that. I hate losing my stuff.


What I want to ultimately see is likely improbable / impossible, so chasing clouds here… *ugh pun*

Thought collector. Skip the typing, the talking, just get it out at full speed with no effort, sort it out later, share at will.



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