, although I find legislation-by-lawsuit to generally be a bit of a hijacking of the democratic process but such as it is.

Well, I think their methodology is rather absurd and I _do_ think it’s possible to come up with a decent set of accommodating laws that better encompass the needs of a diverse population.

How seriously will this challenge be taken? Who knows. It’s airing a public discussion though, which is good.

Even if nothing ends up changing, it keeps lawmakers on their toes, although I find legislation-by-lawsuit to generally be a bit of a hijacking of the democratic process but such as it is.

Needs of the few need to be taken into account as well, as the popularity contest of democracy is – and was never – quite enough, so legal challenges are ultimately a good test.


I tend to believe life is at some point after conception as well.

I was premie, born at 6.5 months… JUST before the pro-choice laws came into effect. [I was born in 1972] and just AFTER they stopped issuing the drugs to pregnant women to help bad pregnancies that ended up with babies with deformed limbs and missing parts.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, there thankfully was a cerebral palsy center for it a town away, and my mother was always progressive and forward thinking, so it helped, I entered regular school at 5 and nobody knew the difference.

[of course it could’ve been a misdiagnosis and any number of other possibilities, but I like to believe the physical therapy activated parts of my brain at the right time to rewire it].

Anyhow… I’m lucky to be where I’m at and grateful on a daily basis.

BUT, even though I personally believe life starts early, I have to remain pro-choice because: a) I have no uterus so it’s kinda not my fight and b) it’s one of those things I’d call a “regretful necessity”. I’ve seen very few people who found the abortion thing to be pleasant and happy but a regretful necessity due to whatever reasons they had.

So, it does have negative after effects. BUT, again, pro-choice because: a) I don’t believe it’s my place because I’m not the one having to deal with it and b) it’s a regretful necessity in society.

Can’t force someone to carry. Can’t provide alternative uteri YET (soon though), and there’s already enough trouble getting placement for foster care kids.

None of this justifies abortion of course. But it justifies a few reasons for me why the choice needs to be available at this point in time of history.



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