Alternative Bayesian frameworks for autism

Hypo-priors: Attenuated priors lead to a more accurate or less biased perception of the world in individuals with autism.

Alternative Bayesian frameworks:

Hyper-priors: Exaggerated priors underlie experiences like sensory overload.
Imprecise priors: Priors are overly broad, impairing ambiguity resolution but enhancing discrimination.
Atypical cue combination: Altered weighting of sensory inputs during multisensory integration.
Noisy learning signals: Challenges updating priors due to noisy feedback.
Aberrant adaptation: Diminished neural recalibration effects due to atypical mapping between predictions and outcomes.
Context-specific priors: Context-dependent expectations fail to generalize across situations.
Hypersensitivity to uncertainty: Intolerance of noisy/ambiguous inputs drives symptom profiles.
Social cognition biases: Priors specific to social prediction/inference are disrupted in autism.

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