Also popular is double-eyelid surgery. I have nothing against body modification

Also popular is double-eyelid surgery. I have nothing against body modification: in the USA, women get butt implants when they used to get breast implants years before that, and men take steroids and create massive amounts of scar tissue in order to conform to a particular image.

But I suspect this is part of the same phenomenon as the above article.


I’ve been noticing that on fan edits on Vine over the past couple of years. One day, suddenly it seemed, these famous singers (whose names I don’t know because I don’t follow it.. I just have friends who are into it), suddenly gained super white skin and it looked weird.

I wondered if they were using more lighting on stage now or something ’cause they didn’t look Korean but rather something different.

But this article explains some of it better: at least now I know it’s a ‘thing’.


[at the same time, if someone is modifying their body because of a sense of inferiority or need to conform to combat a deeper mental issue, then I’d prefer to see better mental health programs of acceptance and such. I actually prefer that to body modifications. But a choice freely chosen is a choice freely chosen so long as it’s freely chosen


Acceptance is usually the best option imo. The extreme of not-acceptance to me would be the rich folks in Orange County, CA. But… it’s their thing I guess. I dunno…



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