Already are. i don’t have to anticipate, just react as best I can.

Already are. i don’t have to anticipate, just react as best I can.

White House hasn’t had a science division for almost two years now. That was a big one.


Indeed, although I credit Edward Bernays revolutionizing emotional manipulation in the 1920s/30s. It’s standard now.


How far back in time do you want to go? You’ll have to go to pre-Dewey I think.


Academia was very liberal in the 1930s.
Female and male professors had equal rank AND pay. Actual political power too.
Of course you had to be white but still.It’s from that pool that my favorite computer scientist Grace Hopper came out of.
 She was already too old for war when she taught mathematics at Vassar
But her hubby died and joined the war effort, even though she was anti-war. It was the right thing to do. She transformed from within and I credit her for Open Source, as she fought against military sections hiding code for promotions and also against IBM and such trying to patent computer code which all helped bring about standardization of protocols and data sharing.
  ” She went to Hartridge School in Plainfield, New Jersey, later on she was admitted in Vassar College and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1928 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics. She received her Master’s degree in 1930 at Yale University, by 1934 she had earned a PhD in Mathematics from the same institution.
Later on
Hopper taught mathematics at Vasser College in 1931 and was elevated to the position of associate professor by 1941. New Types of Irreducibility Criteria, her dissertation was published the same year she received her PhD degree.”
 I don’t know what political changes everybody complains about in academia.As far as I’ve ever seen, it’s ALWAYS been forward moving.

 Cool connection I just learned in reading that:

She went to “Hartridge School in Plainfield, New Jersey”.

I went to a school called The Vail-Deane School Alumni in Mountainside, NJ, which was the SISTER school of Wardlaw + Hartridge Alumni and when Vail-Deane shut down in 1991, it MERGED with Wardlaw Harridge where it lives on today in boxes, pictures and collective memory.

This means, in a sense, I went to the same school as Grace Hopper :)


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