Alone time with no guilt – needed!

It’s about January 7th, 2003, I believe, at about 4 in the morning as always.  Uh, yeah.  Sunday.  So, I haven’t been doing much writing lately, and I haven’t had many ideas lately.  What, uh, is the reason?  And I think that the reason is that I haven’t had enough alone time.  Up in New Jersey, I had a lot of time by myself.  Walking to work, walking back, usually when I got home, I’d say “hi” to Mom, and then I’d be off to the basement, or up to my room, and… I’d be sociable but really I had a lot of alone time.  To think.


Also, a period of time at work was a long time.  There were times that people would bother me and all, but mostly, it was alone time.  And I think that’s one of the reasons that I’m having trouble write in.  It’s not so much just a lack of schedule.  It’s alone time.  Time to sit and ponder, and not feeling guilty about it.  That sort of thing.


From cassette to paper on March 30, 2003, from paper to computer 12 years later on March 30, 2015.

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