To say that Political Culture is not something I focus on is an understatement. I groaned when “Hierarchy” linked into “Political Culture” but I had to look as it was one of the upper categories above Hierarchy.
Almost no “purple” links. I simply have not visited these pages. Either I’m a pro at them and don’t need refreshers, have pretty well set opinions or they’re generally not in my realm of interest. It’s not that I don’t talk about these things and I certain do have an interest in many of these things
— “Hazards” led to “Prevention” led to “Determinants of health‎” led to “Social Inequality” led me to “Hierarchy” –
and I’d clicked on “Liberalism” a few weeks ago to confirm some distinction between different meanings of Liberalism… — but compared to a lot of topics, this section of the library has cobwebs on it.
I’m going to click further down to see where I _have_ clicked on things in this hierarchy – probably under left-type things like egalitarianism or something – but the absence of main category clicks was surprising and interesting.
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