Allow yourself to be a hypocrite.

Occasionally, allow yourself to be a hypocrite. Why?
To remind yourself that it’s there.
Otherwise, we can easily fool ourselves into believing that we are always consistent, always honest, always true to ourselves and to others.  We can become blind to our own hypocrisy, while those around us can see our hypocrisy quite clearly.  And… by exposing our own hypocrisy to ourselves (by willing exposing to others on occasion), we get a rare opportunity to begin eliminating it within ourselves by learning how to *spot* our own hypocrisy *before* it comes out of our mouths, or out of our behaviors.
Is it easy?  Probably not.  But I suspect learning humility rarely is.  At least this way, you can remain somewhat in control of it, growing a shield within you against attacks on your character by reducing some of the places where you might be arrogant, leaving behind a healthier sense of self; a truer self-esteem. -Ken

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