All you can do is find someone who is a *little less* dirty with their politics.

Organizations like non-profits and stuff gladly fork over the $$$ to pay for them to give a speech.

What they give is: draw.

Let’s say you’re a rich person. You hear that one of the Clintons is going to speak nearby. You want to hear them speak. The event is $200, $1000, $5000 a plate – whatever.

You got the money so you pay. But you’re not paying for the food: you’re paying to hear someone talk, and maybe for a chance to talk to them. Maybe you have a favorite cause that’s important to you: You’re there, they’re there, you can talk to them and try to convince them that your cause is worthy enough for them to talk about in their next speech to someone else.

So, you pay for that privilege.

Some of that plate money goes to pay for the Clintons to speak.

The rest of the money goes to whatever the fundraiser was about.


Politics is never clean. Politics is never genuine. In fact, THAT IS genuine politics in action. That’s how it works. How it always worked. How it always works.


Just how it is. I never believe someone who says they’re an “outsider” either. No such thing.

You don’t get a chance to even RUN for anything unless you have _some_ sort of connection somewhere.

All you can do is find someone who is a *little less* dirty with their politics. The best liars hide the bodies so well, you don’t even know they exist at all. Still, I vote. I follow the politicians. SOME of what they say is true. Which part? I dunno.


I’ll do percentages: 40% Johnson, 30% Stein, 20% Clinton 10% Deez Nuts.


Oh I might put a percentage in for the CIA guy. Why not.


No idea. I don’t decide until I close the curtain behind me. Hell, even Trump has the slightest chance. But it would require something REALLY drastic from him that I don’t expect to ever see.


No we won’t. Trump’s not more powerful than the constitution. His wings will be clipped the moment he takes the oath. All this stuff you’re hearing will never make it through Congress or the Courts. Society won’t collapse. He’ll just be manipulated by people who actually UNDERSTAND politics (like Putin, Congress, etc), until his term is up and he’ll say embarrassing things on TV sometimes.


Oh I think we’d get rebellion if Clinton is elected. The Trump supporters won’t be able to stand having her in office, especially when they ALMOST had a chance for “The Donald”… whatever that means.



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