All things and no things are equivilant and humor points the way how.


  • Kenneth Udut William KuchIndeed. There are a number of ways that they are equivalent.

    a) They’re groups of words strung together to form sentences

    b) They’re numbers and mathematical constructs strung together to form formulas.
    c) They are used by humans.
    d) They are forms of language.
    e) To those who do not understand the language, they could be equivalent to the barking of dogs or the chattering of monkeys or women gossiping about their “best friend” that isn’t in the room at the time or children fighting over a toy.

    Of course there are many more beyond that but I remind myself of these things sometimes when I get caught up in the heat of a debate
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  • Kenneth Udut William KuchIt’s why I sometimes turn to humor for answers. I think a great amount of a concept can be described through comedy; missing the interesting stuff entirely of course, but getting the ‘gist’ of the things that the people who are followers of a concept can miss entirely.

    They’re usually unfair, not quite right, inaccurate, stereotypical and yet… they capture a context often missed: how those who are on the *outside* of a school of thought or behavior *appear*, amplifying and mocking it.

    I’m not agreeing with stereotyping; I don’t like when it’s used for policy – and my frustration of bell-curve thinking / teaching to a “norm” drives me batty – *but* in humor, it can capture a common shared reality. Zeitgeist is it? I don’t know the fancy words for it. Beyond humor, it’s potentially dangerous if not used correctly though.
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  • Kenneth Udut and I mean good -spirited humor. Not mean-spirited. Wobbly territory of course and apologies need to be ready in-hand in case of excessive offense. I try to laugh at myself whenever possible; I can be so darned serious at times. I’m a 42 year old, sitting in a blue bathrobe, on my screen porch in florida, wearing a cabbie hat from Ireland and three pairs of pajamas looking ENTIRELY ridiculous – but don’t care because it’s COLD to me… trying to talk seriously about issues potentially affecting all of reality itself? I have to mock myself


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