All the awe and wonder of the Universe combined with the need for fellowship, singing, learning activities and calisthenics.

I agree. They buy the crap because they’re being told a good story. People like a good story. They don’t like the scam busters stories.

You like the scam busters stories. I like the scam busters stories. They don’t.

So what do you do?

Change the narrative. Change the marketing. Bring people over more convincingly.

I’ll give an idea I had but I’m to lazy to enact: I’ve written up several religions in the past. For science lovers. Totally accurate stuff. All the awe and wonder of the Universe combined with the need for fellowship, singing, learning activities and calisthenics.

Songs for gravity, the nematode, and zinc. A new science experiment every week. Lessons on thinking better about yourself and humanity using the latest in cognitive psychology.

Hymnals will be up to date with the latest research.

And instead of the trinity, you’ve got the furthest back we can go conclusively so far as to the creation of the elements that make us up:

The primal star, the large molecular gas cloud which the primal star crashed into creating the heavier than iron elements, and gravity, all working together to make up everything we know around us.

This can leave the big bang-or-no-big-bang models alone, string theory can keep doing its thing, as really… that stuff is kinda less important than being grateful for the series of events that DIRECTLY impact what makes all of this, here.

Set something like that up, build churches, get grants and funding, form communities and litter the world with them.

You engage the “religious centers” of the brain [awe and wonder stuff], you do the gratitude thing (which is good) and you’re not worshipping but respecting and grateful.

So anyway, that’s one of my weird ideas, which is putting up viable alternatives.


Oh same here. I don’t have any animosity towards reasonable religious practice, just towards those taking advantage of it for financial/political gain. They need to be exposed of course.

But also, allow me to show a nice side benefit of this religion: By leaving the object of respect to the primal star and company and not going back any further in time, it leaves the God-question entirely open and free.

So with that, you can gather atheist, agnostic, and believers of all stripes to come in and join.

This person over here wants a standard Triune Godhead situation to be behind the primal star? Go for it.

This other person over there wants M-Branes briefly touching sparking a big bang, inflation eventually leading to the primal star? That’s cool too.

This other guy would rather a mathematical Universe that has no discernible beginning point? Or even an old-school Steady State belief? Fine! They can come too.

Everybody would be welcome. They can debate the heavy stuff at coffee hour if they like, form subgroups and such and have yearly tug-of-wars outside during the yearly church Festival of the White Blood Cell.

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