All Men Are Terrific? Not a popular phrase. Fake FB removal post was funny though.

It’s not a popular phrase on Google. Only a few search results (5) all referencing a girl’s romance comic book from 1950.

” All Men Are Terrific! (Table of Contents)
comic story / 5 pages (report information)

Teenage Sue has a crush on Joe but doesn’t know how to get him to respond to her. She talks only about herself and doesn’t flatter him or show an interest in his activities. New girl in town Lorraine explains to Sue that men like to feel important and needed. Sue tries this out on Joe and he not only asks her to the senior prom, he asks her to be “his girl.” ”

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I’m tempted to do equivalent searches for women, boys and girls and dogs and cats and lizards… [in quotes so it’s exact] but I don’t want google thinking I’m some kind of … wait, why do I care what google thinks?



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