all is in containers but the containers change size and we got from one to another succeeding in filling them up to different amounts


Ulrich Baer

2:57 AM

there is known known, unknown known, known unknown and the most scary unknown unknown!


9:00 AM

+Ulrich Baer Very true – yet even the scary things are contained in words.  Words represent concepts, the concepts play our in our imagination, which seems to take place in our minds.  Our minds are a part of our nervous system, which is part of our body, which has a lifespan (a container of Time), which exists within an environment (everywhere you have ever gone or will ever gone), on a planet (Earth), which is within a container of Time (it was born and will presumably perish one day), which in a Universe that is in a container.

And all of these things.. are contained in my beliefs.

Which are contained in these words.

which are contained in this G+ message.

And will be contained within the bounds of your screen.

To be contained within the 2mm pupil entering your eye.

spaghettified into the container of your brain…

and opened up within the container of your mind….

Ulrich Baer

9:11 AM

here is a nice container for you, and i would wonder if you really could imagine what is in it: GOOGOLPLEX


9:26 AM

+Ulrich Baer A whole lot of something :D  I believe our imaginations do have limits; but to one with an open  and/or creative mind, it may not be possible to find the edges of the container within our lifetimes.

I had a concern with one of my eyes once, afraid that, having been premature, I might suffer from one of the troubles premies can get in their lifetimes.  [something I read in a medical book or online].

I got an checkup.  He said to me, “It will happen but likely not until after your other organs have ceased functioning”.  In other words, yes, after you’re dead.

Back to Googleplex –
With big numbers, the ancient Greeks had a word for gigantic numbers, which now we’d consider 10,000.  We’ve added zeros and changed names, but I think, conceptually, we have trouble with big numbers and tend to go “Wow” unless we shrink them down again (like through scientific notation, which brings things back down to a more compressed level of understanding).

I often think of big things or imagine the Universe (I did so at 11 years old – an image I can call up on a whim; I imagined the Universe and me as transparent, with the only way to tell objects apart was through light refractions; there is no color, not even white or black).

I was able to see in my imagination and zoom through everything, and see at once with clarity behind me, in front of me, up and down through my feet, within me and to the edges of the Universe and keep going.

It was a heck of a moment for me as a kid.

Yet, I believe it has a limit; even though I didn’t see it or feel it.  It was limitless to me but I’m here right now, typing about it, instead of locked in that vision for 30 years… which would have been a container as well… the experience of the vision.

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