All different people. Yet they’re all me.

 I myself am several legal persons. I have several fictitious names I go under for business purposes. As far as the outside world is concerned, these are REAL people that aren’t me.

But they’re still me. Or me and my brother. Or Me and the Fictitious Name making up another fictitious name.

All different people. Yet they’re all me. 

I didn’t opt for LLC or Corp because I just do simple stuff and accept full responsibility for my actions and the actions of my brother and sister-in-law and anybody that we hire. “It’s not me, it’s the COMPANY!” to me, is a bunch of nonsense.


They _appear_ to be thinking entities and we treat them EXACTLY as you described, but they’re ultimately a legal fiction.
You’ve described the apparition of the Corporate Person perfectly though, as well as its function. Still a ghost to me, but very real to very many people. smile emoticon

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