all because they get to FOLLOW THEIR OBSESSIONS.

I had to suffer with public libraries ONLY ’til 1988.
Then I got online.
27 years online and counting.
This way is better.
This way is much better.
and Dan Shires THANK YOU – I have a QUOTE ORIGIN obsession myself and I was going to shred that non-quote. I hate when the dead are misquoted. They can’t speak for themselves to say “I NEVER SAID THAT”, so we have to.

Of course there are issues with it but I’ve watched the intelligence level of GenZ SKYROCKET way beyond whatever old fashioned “education” has to offer, all because they get to FOLLOW THEIR OBSESSIONS.

So much better. So so much better now. They can find like-minded people. They can communicate. They don’t have to be alone, thinking, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME, I’M NOT LIKE MY PARENTS OR BROTHERS OR FRIENDS OR COMMUNITY”.

Nope. They can find like-minded people, just like we’re doing RIGHT NOW. Nope. Way better now.

Before 1988, I was obsessed with CB Radio. Walkie-talkie like things. Big antenna on my garage. I was a teenager, desperate to reach out and find _other people_ that weren’t family, or people I went to school with, or the people down the street.

I wanted to meet DIRECTLY with people, without having to deal with interpreting body language and crap like that. So, I was a natural for online life.

thank u for bringing up the topic. it’s one that i’m passionate about. I’ve met likely over 100,000 individual human beings this way through the years, maybe more.

My current friend’s lists added up are somewhere around 25,000, although it’s likely about 1/3 or 1/2 are the same people across networks. Online mailing lists I’ve been on before social networking was in its current form, as well as Usenet, and mailing lists that I ran with thousands of ppl on it is where I get that number from.

Real people, real friends.

Sure, I was _supposed to_ learn interpersonal skills growing up. The messy hotbed of school with meangirls and bullies, I somehow managed to navigate through.

A society of nerds like me? Believe me, I’m fine with it. I think there were far more introverts around years ago that HAD to get stressed out trying to extrovert to please an antiquated system of “face to face” everything, interpreting body langauge, watching your ‘tone of voice” and stuff like that.

Social skills will likely be a learned course in schools at some point. But I’ve known people that were homeschooled. They socialize fine. They deal with bosses just fine. If you ‘know who you are’, you don’t have to stress as much when you present yourself to the world… and having a tremendous diversity of people to define yourself “with” and “against”, I believe, makes us more well-rounded individuals, able to cope with life better… because we’ve had examples of personality archetypes through exposure online… whereas the sample-set of human archetypes is more limited when it’s just::

You + your family or
You, family, community. or
You family community school
You family community school TV

and through exposure to people that would have been IMPOSSIBLE to meet otherwise, I can talk to anybody like an equal. I don’t feel the hierarchical pressure that some people feel.

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