alibaba, ,ebay, then cursing

Don’t go to Alibaba. That’s where you’ll find the stuff first (manufacturers and stuff) … ’cause then you’ll end up going to eBay to see if anybody is selling direct (and probably are)… and then… cursing about not having enough $$$….

I didn’t go to eBay. I saw enough “wants” on alibaba that I knew NOT to go down that route. I know it exists – saw up to 83″ on alibaba… Someday it’ll be cheap and commonplace. That’s good enough for now.


well, you mentioned consumer tongue emoticon now if you want to get up to specs, you might have to leave the nice little newegg universe and head over to alibaba or ebay or one of the “can I really trust these people with my money?” sites… then you’ll find the specs… and get the risk of being unable to return if you have broken pixels and stuff tongue emoticon’



oh i know tongue emoticon I still love my iPhone 5s. It’s got a tiny screen but I love using it. I never actually liked big screens – even my laptop isn’t that big. But contrast was very important to me: I like my black to be VERY black… and it had to have a matte finish because glossy SUCKS. It just sucks.

Sometimes you can get fooled by specs too.

I bought a monitor long ago: had all the perfect specs. Everything you said and more. It’s top notch and was the right price. But it had one problem I NEVER considered:

Viewing angle.

If you deviate SLIGHTLY from the proper viewing angle, it looks like crap. It’s not even a security feature. It’s just impossible to use if you move your head at all.

All those awesome specs… awesome price… and a single flaw. Couldn’t use it.



My favorite size was the iphone 4s. I LOVED the weight of it too. Hated worrying about the glass. My nephew’s got it now. With the new Apple upgrade thing, the 5s will PROBABLY have to be my last apple and I’ll go to an android of some kind. It’s nice having a non-hackable unit. [yes, I know how to hack it, I’m just CHOOSING not to): It forces me to be a consumer for a change, instead of always perfecting it.

I’m the guy that does the kind of stuff that you’re doing… and loving it. But by being discouraged from dong that stuff with the iPhone: no expansion, no custom rom, no kernel changing… no ANYTHING except apps, forced me to actually use it, and it’s become my buddy. Totally different relationship with it than I had with other computer-type things.


that’s awesome smile emoticon I know the moment I go back to Android I’ll be back to extreme customizing and tweaking. But I gotta tell you, being forced to be “Average User”, I’ve grown to appreciate Apple’s focus on ergonomics, human/computer interface, and stuff like that. I can also see much better why Microsoft never mastered it, and never will.


Private corps want profit. That’s why they exist. They want to keep their corporate patents. They want to keep their internal intelligence intact. They don’t WANT _anybody_ knowing their secrets.

Corporations are governments unto themselves. Worldwide governments with the buyers as their constituents.

They find intelligence agencies to be mosquitoes to be swatted only when necessary.

I worked for Schering-Plough for a few years. Big Pharma. You might think they’re cuddle cuddle with the feds but no. They were their own country. Govt was not their friend and they’d duck and cover with lawyers.

Same with Apple. Same with Samsung. Same with any of ‘em.



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