alef of borges and kenneth udut

About my video version of the 3 perspectives, someone shared it and wrote this.  I was never so honored as to have had something I did linked somehow to Borges.  I love Borges, especially the alef.    Hard to explain but I’m honored to even remotely be connected, even if through a post.

Questa è la rappresentazione dell’Alef di Borges:“Il diametro dell’Alef, sarà stato di due o tre centimetri, ma lo spazio cosmico vi era contenuto,
senza che la vastità ne soffrisse. Ogni cosa ….era infinita, perché io la vedevo distintamente da tutti
i punti dell’Universo.” Jorge Luis Borges

This is the representation of the alef of borges :” The Diameter of the alef, it will be a state of two or three inches, but the outer space there was content,
Without the vastness will suffer. Every thing…. It was infinite, because I see her distinctly from everyone
The points of the universe.” Jorge Luis Borges

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