Alas, probably fictional more than factual

Alas, probably fictional more than factual. I think they’d probably just do a couple of cheap electroshocks if meds wouldn’t work (they still do them if they must – they just don’t advertise it ’cause of bad reputation.. and they’re simpler now) – but I think the mental homes in the USA are of an age-gone by. Went the way of orphanages.


I think the choices now are: Drug rehab (’cause good candidates for that kind of mental home in the past likely ALREADY discovered opiates on their own), half-way houses and the top floor of hospitals… which is where the detox spots are.

Oh and monthly trips to social services. Yeah – our socialized medicine has gone ahead in some ways, but backwards in others I think.


I’d be fuller of life. I’m definitely on the manic side of the manic-depressive axis, not that I don’t have an underlying river of melancholy running under the river of “what’s my next project? Ok – I’m ready!” ’cause I do – which probably forms the treadmill I run on smile emoticon manic on a treadmill of melancholy smile emoticon


irl I stay quiet except to a couple of select ppl. Online, well, you can see. The squeezing of life and the words shoot out like toothpaste out of a pinhole on the side of the tube, and I’m the tube. tongue emoticon



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