Alas, once and for all solutions, never are.

Alas, once and for all solutions, never are.
Like losing weight, a problem that takes a long time to develop, takes a long time to fix.
Yes, it’s worth the effort.
Should we fix problems we caused? Perhaps, but there’s no turning back clocks.
Yet, there are alternative means.
Lack of honest of intention is a problem.
But one of the biggest problems?
Repetition of the same event retold many different times in many different ways leaves us with the impression that something is ongoing, continuing, never-ending.
The feelings we’re left with are that, “This is happening many times a day, every day”, because we hear about the same events many times a day, every day.
The same events. Not the same type. The EXACT same ones.
Then we link these amplified singular events by connecting them to other similar events that were ALSO amplified through repetition. We don’t do our math. Our percentages. Population vs true extent of problem.

Our view of reality is distorted. “DID YOU SEE HOW HE _LOOKED AT HER_? He’s obviously sleeping around and probably has a wife on the side. Anybody who does that is a sociopath and can’t be trusted. He obviously doesn’t care about you. Why, someone like that could murder someone in cold
blood! You’re married to a murderer!”

Of course real people got killed. Punishment and prevention of future crimes is an appropriate response.

But, by whom? By what process?

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