AI or naw 

Eli Quiroga it’s the related page that’s the strange connection. Second and third tier connections are indirect. It’s nonspecific. theoretically, each time you like something, you could take the time and see what the related pages are. But it’s not a direct like so it’s easy to miss. I’m glad you mention how to see it because I didn’t see that before – but I’m disappointed. They used sleight-of-hand here. Now, are the related pages generated “automatically?” if they use lists of Synonymous concepts to generate related pages from the master pages, then that would be where their AI for this is utilized. 
It’s possible that none at all is being used – but a lot of AI is nothing more than relational databases cleverly used. 
I don’t see anything magical about artificial intelligence – I know the different ways that it works as do you. I just like trying to figure out which places they’re being used. 
Here for example – I never clicked on Catholic Church. There was a speculation made on my behalf without my specifically choosing directly. It’s based upon a relationship to an unknown other page. 
Doesn’t this construe a use of artificial intelligence? 
Granted, it’s disappointingly basic artificial intelligence – but does it not still qualify? It doesn’t have to be using tensor flow or something similar to qualify as AI.

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