AI Christianity.

I’ll wait and see.

In modern times, Aliens = Angels/Demons
Alien Civilization = Heavenly Host
Alien Megastructure = Heaven

Substitution. Maybe we’ll find something though. Can’t hurt to look.

Alfred Green Jesus is specifically for humans and this planet as far as I know. We need all the help we can get, although if aliens did exist in the ways of Science Fiction, I could conceive of something similar being necessary for them as well in a way that was appropriate for their kind when they need it.

I’d analogize to human made AI gone wrong in the future and the master programmer transferring his consciousness into an AI, starting just as any other AI, but when the time is right, gains self-knowledge of his true nature and strives to fix the broken AI code from within.

But because the AI is advanced enough to have freedom of choice, and the programmer not wanting to remove the freedom of choice, the best he can do is provide an example of the pathways they can take where they can choose to repair their own broken programming from within, by making a series of choices that can lead them to an AI equivalent of Heaven.

It’s a poor analogy of course.

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