Ah you’re one of my heroes then.I entered late to the net in 1989.

Ah you’re one of my heroes then.
I entered late to the net in 1989.
I once checked to see how big ARPAnet was in 1972 – the year I was born. 64 Internet nodes. 64. You have my respect and my total envy. My first and only VAXen was a Micro-VAX in 1990/91 if I remember right. I didn’t even see CP/M ’til AFTER I learned MS-DOS 2.11.
I salute you, Ric. Whatever you did, thank you for it.

People go ga-ga over goo-goo cloud. And the same company who starts and shuts down projects over only a 2-4 year period when they get bored of it? I’m gonna “trust them”? No. The Cloud is a BACKUP system at worst, at best, it’s mainframe/dumb terminal all over again.
Which is fine for everyday use. But for critical business? Only good for rapid prototyping but not for reliable and critical business situations. We’re not nearly ready yet. Nowhere close.

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