Ah, the innerspace is actually more of my interest these days.

Ah, the innerspace is actually more of my interest these days. I drew up that religion idea back when I was all Mr. Science about everything.

Unraveling the experience of the present moment as we go through moment to moment life to allow for the clearest thinking possible has been my focus since about… I guess April 2013.

I even went on a quest to write down my EVERY thought as it was happening.

I used index cards I had placed wherever I was and as the thought came up, I’d write it down.

Went through thousands of Index cards over a few months before I was satisfied with the results. Whatever I was working on or interested in, I’d follow it. The fastest moving stack was, of course, in the bathroom, where all strange and interesting thoughts happen.

While I was doing that, I was studying what I could about what we know about the cognitive systems and how they function.

I already knew much about the mystical side of things – lots of methods to get to that but I was curious what science had to say, and unfortunately, once you get past the circuitry (which is fascinating in itself), less than I hoped.

So, it continues. Basically, unraveling the moment as it happens and trying to piece together the self’s past present along with potential futures, and figuring out the ‘best ways to think’ in any given moment.

I came up with a few basic rules but for all the research, I could probably fit it in a few sentences. I was kinda disappointed that there wasn’t more actually so I’m still researching/experimenting but mostly just experiencing and seeing what works/doesn’t.

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