Ah, that’s what it is. The P/J thing.

Ah, that’s what it is. The P/J thing.
Makes sense.
I first got into MBTI in 1994 and became immediately obsessed. Joined online groups, such as they were at the time (mailing lists mostly) – and most of the online descriptions of types you see online came out of those groups I was in and evolved as ideas do.
A few years after getting into it, I decided to try to mimic all 16 types by answering appropriately without cheating or taking notes.
I didn’t dedicate a lot of time to it but I’d work on the weekends, trying to figure each out. Took about a year to successfully trial-and-error my way through all 16 times in my off time.
My next / concurrent to that goal was to get “better at” my weak spots.
So, for example, My I is weak, my F is weak.
But my N and P are very very strong.
So I would work on areas that the S and J were strong in and I was weak in.
S was harder than J; although in the end I just had to think more like somebody I knew who is ISFP and once I realized that ,then it was easier.
But, I didn’t know any INFJs.
So to get more J, I practiced giving shorter more closed universe answers. Being curt at times. Showing far more certainty than I actually possessed.
It was all an act, a fraud, inauthentic. But I was authentically acting and doing so to strengthen my shadow sides a little, shore them up a little.
As to my levels of success in that? Probably not terribly much.
But it seemed important to try and i’d did it on and off for a long time.

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