Ah sarcasm. I forgot this is Youtube.

Ah sarcasm.  I forgot this is Youtube.
Sarcasm: Say the opposite of what you really mean.  I asked my ne when he was 8 years old and practicing sarcasm his definition and that’s what he gave me. He’s getting more nuanced at it now that he’s nine and moving a little more towards dry wit.

Now that I’ve “played the game” by responding with something implicitly derogatory, I’ll continue.

You’re free to go that way.  You don’t need my permission.  I’m learning what works for me.  You may choose a different path.  Hope it works well.  Mine has worked quite well for me.  I’m sure yours will have an equal chance of success.  No sarcasm intended or implied.  We all gotta go our own paths in life.

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