ah! i’ll do q+a:

ah! i’ll do q+a:

In everything you consider, does it make sense?

I don’t know what placeholder to put everything in. I have to create the spaces first. I work at it.

Can you run it through a battery of questions and still have something reasonably universal at the other end?

i’m never certain. that would be nice. I test my ideas out by broadcasting them in places like Facebook. A few people think similar to me. in other places I think in common ways. and in some ways I don’t know anyone who thinks like me yet.

Or are you emotionally driven and swayed by stuff which appeals to your person?

I go from shiny to shiny.

Does your concept of self and personal ethics impede your thinking?

I try to identify if it’s mine or if I got it from someplace else.

if I got it from someplace else, it’s not mine and therefore it doesn’t get in the way. if it does get in the way, it’s my choice.

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