Agreed. Scientism isn’t part of my belief system.

Agreed. Scientism isn’t part of my belief system. It’s hard to avoid at times, especially in areas where I really like the science in particular, such as CogSci, but I have to remind myself of the issues inherent in the technology behind the fMRI machines and our basic human biases that get inserted into the interpretations. Then I get over any hint of scientism that might start to emerge tongue emoticon


My favorite chart right now. You’re absolutely right. How many times have you seen a high precision, low accuracy argument being put forth? It looks beautiful and precise and it’s beautifully and precisely inaccurate.

My goals aren’t in the “high accurate/high precision” dept. Too stressful.

Rather, I shoot for “high accuracy, low precision”. buckshot. At least I’m more or less correct enough.



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