affordance,positioning not calculating


  • I generally tend to follow an embodied cognition viewpoint. Affordances. Examples:

    Baseball players. The ball is coming at you. You have a mitt. Is there an intense calculation going on in the brain just as the ball is following a trajectory?

    Or, is it more likely that you move your body and position yourself in such a way that the need for calculation is entirely eliminated and instead where you reach a position whereby the view of the ball coming at you matches the ideal position to catch it?

    In the case of the cat, positioning herself, her whole body and muscles to form the straightest possible line trajectory to the ball; with the sense of proprioception taking care of the need for gravity calculating and such. [ie – you just “know” how to compensate for gravity]

    It’s saying the same thing: intuition, just splaying it out a little more out onto the table for discussion.

    Eww… splay.

  • Kenneth Udut In short, before you catch the ball, you’ve already caught it because you’re in the position to catch it. Then it’s just a matter of waiting.


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