Advice I gave to a guy who was conflicted: he didn’t way to be gay as his pastor said God doesn’t like it.

If you have sexual feelings you don’t like, then either accept them or redirect them somehow to a different purpose and hide them through celibacy.

I think accepting yourself as you are is best. I see God as a synonym for other things. Love, tolerance, acceptance. Or randomness, nothing – whatever. All synonyms to me.

But if you feel you _must_ agree with your pastor, then redirect it and hide it. But there are consequences. It may eat at you inside and drive you mad and you may cause an incident where you will be “exposed” later on anyway.

Find other sources than your pastor’s for guidance in this matter. You already have: You’ve come here. I think you’ll find that this group doesn’t believe God doesn’t want you to be gay. This group and I agree, that if there is a God, then God would accept you as you are.

Plus, you have a right to choose your authority figure.

You also have the right to disagree with your pastor on this issue.

Your pastor may be right about 10,000 things and wrong about this 1.

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