adultism and ageism now part of an inclusive guide for better language use. Thank you Mizzou!

It may have taken a while, but I’m really glad to see that you guys put adultism in the inclusive glossary.Back in 1990/91 when I started Y-RIGHTS – “mailing list for the rights of kids/teens” on the earlier Internet, we talked about ageism and adultism. It was the earliest day of politically correct, just before people got up-in-arms about it as some kind of threat.

We just say PC a “being civil” – being polite, part of being respectful to people’s self-identities.

Matthew Walcoff and Matt Herman, the founders of NYRA met each other on my group. They were frequent posters on the group, very vocal and enthusiastic about voting issues, drinking age and various civil liberties and wanted to get more political.

I suggested they start their own group, gave some hints on how to start their OWN online mailing list in the same way I did – first from scratch (using your own email) and then when it grows too big to handle (past a few hundred members), find a way to get it hosted somewhere else.

Well, they did (I think Matt Walcoff handled it) and, well, the rest is history.

25 years though. Man. Adultism has taken that long to get good recognition like this. A whole GENERATION of humans were born, were babies, kids, teens and are now young adults…..

… I’m 43 now. I’ve been waiting. I’m so happy things are finally starting to take shape. Recognition of discrimination against kids/teens in the news and media and society by giving a name to the issue is long overdue and this is only the start.

Should adultism spread as an understood thing to avoid(ageism as exclusionary has _some_ social acceptance and it will go faster, but it’s more broad in scope), it can really change perception.

Even if initially limited to Universities attempting to be respectful in their essays and writings, it’s a start of a good change.

I have high hopes. Thank you for including ageism and adultism in your guide. I never expected adultism to make it out of the starting gate. Maybe it’ll get greater acceptance both as a term and, more critically, as a concept that people might not have considered before.

Ok, I’ve written enough here – I should just say, “Thanks smile emoticon

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