adrenaline, fight/flight/freeze, panic attacks and managing/coping.

Yes, I dont like the fight/flight designation either. I’m acutely aware of my adrenaline. I deal with panic attacks, and have learned to gain some control over them with various techniques. Biofeedback training at 11 was the first step, adjusting my lifestyle around it as best I can is another.For me, my #1 response is freeze. Although, it’s not really freezing. It’s more like stuck in a feedback loop. back-forth-back-forth-back-forth so quickly that it appears to be freezing.


Thankfully, I’m usually able to mostly control it when it begins to surface; and I’m able to let it pass by (usually) as the symptoms last for about 20 minutes if I’m able to get to a quiet, calm environment.

Still, it’s 20 minutes of a form of hell but I can typically manage it.


t’s also how I know that “I am not my feelings and I am not my thoughts” because they can both be guided by forces (like adrenaline) that are outside of my immediate influence.


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