addition to motion detection in the brain video.

I tried to compress my understanding of motion detection in the brain, mapping through mirror neurons and its relationship to “fight or flight” response in a 2 minute video for education.  I want it to be accurate, short, and demonstrative.  This is my first take; I did it off the cuff; but I wanted to get input from expects about any problems with it; factual errors or things that might be unclear.  It’s hard to compress a lot of knowledge in a short space; and say it simply without excessive jargon or lingo, to where kids could understand it.  If you could critique, I’d appreciate it..

NOTE: I am not in the CogSci field; I did not go to school for it; but I have been interested in brain science, especially the nature of experience and how it relates to our current understanding of “how things work” for.. since I was small; and I made something that I think I would have liked someone to have made for me when I was 8-17 yrs old.

Let me know please.  I bring it here because, well, I need people who know things more deeply than I.  I’m not planning to make money or anything like that; but I want to scaffold from here.  However, I don’t want to have my scaffolding built with poor welding.

Also: reveal: My worldview is similar to the embedded cognition view; especially how it related to linguistics; I wandered around in with computational models of the brain for far too long; the discovery of embedded cognition was indeed, the missing piece I was searching for.  I’ll be happy to try to back up anything with references; I’ve saved them all; but I’m hoping that, with an audience like this, it will be unncessary – that is, if I made my 2 minute video with correct information.

Thanks for your time.

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