Actually, you *do* have sex

Actually, you *do* have sexy eyes. They’re clear and deep and open and show what kind of a person you are inside.

”Eyes are the windows of the soul” is true. And, well, you have a beautiful soul, Alex. That’s why I feel good whenever I see your name or icon somewhere. And someone who is a videographer and photographer such as you, has eyes that can see the world in a way that *most* people cannot.

It gives a depth and complexity to the very eyes that you see with and it shows.

I don’t know fully how it works, but I know all of reality is connected, and the streams of data that come in, and the mind that receives it and processes it all, most of it through the eye itself… actually *changes* how the eyes look to other people. It’s really quite amazing…

and somehow.. that’s why you can tell something about a person by their eyes.

I guess we’re able to ”read eyes” like we read words… just not consciously. More like an extra ”sense” that we haven’t documented yet.

So yeah, all those words just to say, ”Alex Green, you have sexy eyes.”

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