actually it was cool. No grades. Total experimental college

actually it was cool. No grades. Total experimental college. Co-ed bathrooms and dorms, although a few halls were girls only or guys only but most were mixed. Felt like brothers and sisters. As liberal as liberal gets. 1990/91. 1/2 the campus obsessed with whatever the alt-bands were at the time. Fun stuff. Too expensive for my family to continue though. [for a VERY SHORT TIME, they included “mortgage as income”]. Anyway, couldn’t finish, but no regrets smile emoticon Finished paying off student loan by the age of 30. Saved copy of final check too tongue emoticon


– this meme captures the college perfectly. Had a friend who looked JUST like that – 25 years ago. Same hair. Those knit hats – I don’t know where they come from, but 1/2 the campus wore them. And how they talk? Just like that. It’s how I talk if I’m not careful. tongue emoticon

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