accidental copyright infringement ?

sorry for the bad sound quality – my microphone is terrible
accidental copyright infringement ?
in my Spanish there is going to be a lot of vocabulary, and I’m not very good at memorizing – certainly less than when I was as a teenager.
One thing about memorization is rote can work well. So I tried various rote ways on the first hundred vocabulary, which I know most of, but this is about establishing a reusable process.
After spending time doing flashcards, I found a list of the vocabulary side-by-side, which each chapter will have.
I’m scanning left to right right to left doing English to Spanish and Spanish to English and the rhythm started to form and I started to make a little song pattern. “hey! i can make this a thing !”
now, I don’t have any fancy music equipment but there’s websites for stuff and I knew there was one to make a drum loop somewhere and I found one.
I take about a minute to make a little loop – I’m not good at drum stuff, but I knew the basic beat I wanted to hear then I wanted to cover it up with interesting things too.
I played it, I tried it with a few words, I liked it. I thought
“I wonder if anybody else has made this beat or what AI would think of it?”
so I upload it to a music, identification website and up pops a song called “Kash Turn Or Me” by Ali Haider!
I find it and play it – and its really close to a perfect match. not identical but very close.
accidental copyright infringement? well, there’s only so many common 4 bar drum loop variations so similars are inevitable.
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