Accept other people's flaws. If you're

^Accept other people's flaws. If you're lucky, maybe they'll accept your flaws too. If they won't accept your flaws, don't cry in your soup over it but don't shut them out either. Opportunities rarely come from the people you talk to every day – they come from the people you AREN'T talking to, the people on the fringes or even ouside of your circle. This has even been proven (see Six Degrees of separation, or stuff about "Weak vs Strong interaction") People outside your circle may make you uncomfortable or behave in unfamiliar ways – but do not judge them too harshly – everybody's "common sense" is unique to them and the further away from "you" that they are, the more foreign they appear. that's why it's so important to be nice to everybody – you never know when "that thing you've been waiting for" will suddenly appear.^

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