absolute or relative pitch – changing keys

Thank you; it is more something I amuse myself with, and try to ignore most of the time It started off as a kid when I was curious, “What note is that motor humming at? Oh it’s somewhere around a B flat of course, as our current runs at 60 Hz. It’s possible that I simply have relative pitch that is based on memory of the middle C.

If you can recall a single note on the piano, you should be able to play the others in your mind with a comprehension of relative pitch. But i can’t be objective about it because what seems easy to me, simply might not be easy. I just accept it when it’s called a talent.

How are you with changing keys in a song? I’ve always found it easy to take a song and replay it in other keys. Do you have that ability as well? Or do you stay in the key provided?

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