So… what’s this all about?

Oh yeah, first…  “Hi”, I’m Ken.  😛  I’ve been online since 1988 and I’ve saved an awful lot of stuff.  Floppy disks, hard drives, CD-ROMs bookmarks, scans.. just all sorts of stuff.

But it’s a mess.  It’s all over the place.  Even my own notes and writings are scattered… much of it online… some of it in notebooks, scraps of paper, index cards, etc.


I want it collected in one place.  Tried numerous other ways.  None of them “stuck”.  And… when it comes to saving information from websites, *bookmarks* are not enough; websites are always going down, changing, etc.  I use the Wayback Machine in those times, but THAT’S not even enough.


I thought: Time for honesty.  Just make my own copy.  Done.  Put it “out there”.  Why?  Well, unless someone has a problem with a copy of something *they put out there into the public already*, I don’t see the harm in providing a “cache” of stuff that *I FIND INTERESTING*.


It’s a compliment from me to you if you see something of yours on here.  If you want it off, as long as you’re the right person, just ask.  I’ll hide it from public view or delete it.  Whatever you want.

But I need to organize my thoughts.  I’d like to think “I’m Original: My Thoughts Are Unique”.  And sure, some of them probably are.  But I wouldn’t have *any* thoughts to call “original” IF I HADN’T COPIED, from Birth, the motions, activities and concepts and words that CAME FROM OTHER PEOPLE.

SO to me, since everything I’ve ever read *somehow* has become a part of *my* thinking processes, it seems fair to make a copy of it.  All of it.  Why?  Because websites go down.  Constantly.  They should be saved somewhere.  Since these are my own copies, I might as well save them here.

If you find yourself on here, you’re instantly super-awesome in my book; otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the time to put it here.

Even if you’re not on here, YOU’RE AWESOME – and anybody who doesn’t realize that… well, their world isn’t going to be as brightly lit, is it?  Stay awesome my friends!  -Ken

Kenneth Udut, Naples, FL USA Sept 7, 2014

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