abiogenesis – apparently I’m already a fan of Zinc World… wow. I had no idea.

Oh how interesting – I never looked into it before but I was surprised to see something REALLY SIMILAR to an idea I had a few years back here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abiogenesis…

Zinc World. How weird. I’m a little blown away actually. Actually I’m really blown away. It has ALL the components -the Zinc, the electrical properties, mineral combinations, even the concentrated UV necessary (I was thinking focused by crystals/salts of particular shapes) – I wanted to dismiss it because key to my thinking was silicates being critical [because of their unique properties and, well, because silicon is SUCH a huge component of the outer shells of MANY life forms on earth. [water proof]

…and at the end of the section there was the silicates.

mind=blown. So yeah. That. Someone already did it. Good. I don’t have to.


“Therefore, the precellular stages of evolution may have taken place in shallow “Darwin ponds” lined with porous silicate minerals mixed with metal sulfides and enriched in K+, Zn2+, and phosphorus compounds.[184][185]” – - 

I still don’t like the Darwin ponds. I always hated the Darwin ponds. They’re gross. I don’t like them.

I’d rather it be happening on land, in a triangular crystalline structure focusing the UV and everything happening in a nice gap where a little bit of water got trapped inside and all the combinations happened within there.

Then one day, there was the storm of 100,000 years, smashed the rock against something, and it burst open into the water.

Ridiculous? Probably. But I hate Darwin soup. It’s gross and really unnecessary to be so messy. 

I guess I prefer my Darwin Soup in a cup.



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