a “try not to be too much of an asshole please” as a general life-rule.

Ultimately, I believe in respect though. I’m an annoying hippie humanist type. I actually believe in human decency, basic civility, a “try not to be too much of an asshole please” as a general life-rule.

Would I enforce it though? No. Would I be the annoying flower-in-the-mouth dress wearing creepy dude who hasn’t bathed in 2 years who is excessively close talking saying, “Come ON guys, why can’t we all just get along here? Now everybody: GROUP HUGGGGGGGG!”?

Yup I would. Born of different parents, raised on a commune, Sure, I could be ‘that guy’. But nope. Raised in NJ. It was better for me.


I went to a hippie college – hampshire college – the ultimate hippie college. Had I finished, I’d have moved to Oregon and worked on a several failed windmill projects and made overdramatized documentaries about the plight of the rare triple gendered accidental transhuman whose parents decided to mess around with circuitry early on and how they’re the victims of our technology obsessed culture or something.

I’m probably the closest thing to an almost-true-hippie you’ll ever be friends with. I should be shot on sight.

But I resist the tendencies. I know socialism is bad for me and is unsustainable in the long term. I know war is purposeful as much of a peace-nik that I want to be.

All stereotypes laid on, I should be pro-gun control or even anti-gun but I know it’s part of the american tradition and background checks are a joke and it’ll never work for the whole country in a second.

I’m just nice to ppl with guns. It’s easy.

So, I’m a walking contradiction. Name it, I’m a contradiction. I should have a vagina too but somehow I’m all male. Nature screwed me up there.


Eh, I’m white. I’m male. They can form all those groups. Does it affect me? Nope. I’m white. I’m male.

But, you can start groups too. I’m cool w/that. They wanna say I have privledge? They can. You wanna say I don’t? You can. I don’t have to worry about it really. I have glasses. I’m tall. I use big words. With some anti-anxiety medicine and some speech lessons, I could get on a stage and be a politician or join a chamber of commerce or a freemason group and make business connections with ease.

Walls? Eh, none. Honestly, I’m glad for it.

Getting out of speeding tickets? Just make buddies with someone on the force. Problem solved. 



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