a trinary computer system i was and am still thinking about

Subj : Quantum Bits
From : Kenneth Udut
Date : Sat Feb 08 2020 13:42:00

-=> Quoting Benjamin Cox to All I had an idea several months ago about a program called “Quantum
BC> Bits”. It would speed up the computer tremedously, literally unlocking
BC> the power of the processor.

More on Quantum Bits idea below the following —

Reminds me of a Trinary computer system idea I had back in the mid 80’s
(along with probably every teenager hacker nerd of the day),
where you’d have three states:


Of course, the “don’t know”, if it were electrical shades of
gray could be infinite. But the current set of electronics
technology (the Radio Shack variety, which I do not denigrate –
I still have a spot in my heart for Radio Shack) – the kind in
computers today as a whole – would probably not lend themselves
to that kind of processing.

Of course, they DO have a system, but it’s entirely far more open
than I had been thinking: the Neural networking, whereby each
connection gets a weight-of-importance instead of an on/off status.

I still think trinary has merit.


Is it one of those cosmic visions? Whereby everything suddenly makes sense
and is crystal clear, but impossible to explain without sounding dumb?

I enjoy getting those. There’s nobody to explain that stuff too, which
is annoying, but sometimes, if you explain what you saw to the best
of your ability, you may get a small following.

You may even get so much as to form a cult. I’m all for it, in all
honesty. I like a good following.

Good luck — explain your theories a bit more though, instead of
poking fun at my monkey ancestry.

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